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SMPOnline Season 4

a minecraft server where all of the people playing are (most likely) a carson fan.

A Unique SMP For All

SMPOnline is on its fourth season with numerous events under its belt at this point. We've had build events, ran a series of base tours, held seasonal events, and had countless streams.

If you're looking for that classic survival Minecraft experience, SMPOnline is a great fit for you. We purposely don't include many popular, but gamebreaking, commands and features to restore some of the challenge of survival. Plus, we have in-game voice chat

The File Drop

Exclusive access to a bunch of archived files, just for subs!

You ever wanted to download something?

The Sub Zone File Drop has downloads for numerous CMC-related things, such as...

  • Previous SMPOnline Seasons
  • SMPLive (WOAH!)
  • The world from Minecraft World Swap
  • An old Let's Play World
  • Cool AI profile pictures of random people/things smoking cigars
  • A bunch of other stuff over time

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Active Twitch sub or YouTube membership required.